1st Introduction

You should always be able to feel safe when you submit your personal information to us. With this privacy policy, we want to show how we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the legislation in force at each occasion. You can read more about the existing regulation on the Data Inspection’s website: https://www.datainspektionen.se/

2nd Privacy Manager

Cutting hook & amp; Café Goldrest AB 556717-4965 is the personal data manager for the processing of your personal information on this website and in our services. Information on how to contact us can be found in section 10.

3rd When do we collect your personal information?

When you book a table with us.

When you apply for employment and / or become employed with us.

4th What information do we collect and for what purpose?

We take phone number and email address when booking so that we can have a dialogue and get in touch with your booking.

By submitting your personal data, you agree that Skäret stores and processes your data.

4.1 Member, donor and fundraiser

When it comes to marketing for marketing purposes, the legal basis is balance of interest and our legitimate interest is to be able to convey information about our business.

You always have the opportunity to object to direct marketing, and the processing of your personal data for this purpose will cease (see section 9 on “The right to object to data processing”).

4.2 Staff and non-profit

When you apply for vacancies, we use your personal data only for the purpose for which you have provided them. When a person applies for a vacancy at Skäret, we also collect information about the applicant’s qualifications.

We may save interesting applications even after the recruitment period is over.

5th How do we store personal information and who have access to the stored information?

We store personal information on our servers and in cloud services. The stored data is accessed by authorized personnel. Access to your data is only provided to those who need to be able to perform their duties.

6th Who do we submit the information to?

We will not disclose information to anyone.

7th Privacy Policy Changes

If this privacy policy changes, Skäret will publish the updated policy on https://skaretskrog.se with information on when the changes will take effect. If we make any significant changes to the privacy policy, Skäret can also choose to inform you in another way, for example via e-mail or by publishing a message on skarskrog.se

9th Your rights

Right of access: As a registered person, you can request a so-called registry extract, with information about which personal information the cut deals with. The request must be made in writing with signature and contain information about the name and personal number of the data subject, and be sent to:

Skärets Krog & amp; Café
Goldrest AB
Data Protection
Sälebådsvägen 41 B
456 51 Smögen

The request is answered within one month and the registry extract is sent by mail.

Right of correction : If you discover incorrect data about you, you have the right to request that it be corrected by contacting Skäret (see section 10)

Right to deletion: Personal data saved is explained in section 4, but as registered, you have the right to have your data deleted.

If you believe that your personal information is processed in violation of the law, you should report this to Skäret as soon as possible, see contact information in section 10.

10th Contact information for Skäret

If you have questions about Skäret’s processing of personal data or want to request a registry extract, please contact us in one of the following ways:

Cutting hook & amp; Café
Data Protection
Sälebådsvägen 41 B, 456 51 Smögen

E-mail: info@skaretskrog.se
Phone: 0523-323 17

The personal data (as mentioned above) may be used for direct marketing and information from Skärets Krog & amp; Café. If you do not want to receive these mailings, you can resign them by contacting us at info@skaretskrog.se

11th Security

We are constantly working to ensure that we protect the privacy of all registered persons. This security work covers everything from the physical protection needed for our premises and databases to the work of protecting your personal data in all processes and systems where it is handled.

The cutting edge has taken the technical security measures needed to protect your personal data against improper access, change and deletion.

Thank you for your time!